If you are used to getting one or the other...or neither, rest assured that you will get both and more with Ingram And Associates. We are the premier regulatory affairs and quality management systems assessment/audit/remediation consulting firm that actively delivers and practices the "lagniappe" philosophy when partnering with our clients.

​​Our size allows us to be adaptable, flexible and getting it right the first time. We deliver to your specified deadlines. Best industry practice guidelines for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices vendors as well as HIPAA (Privacy and Security) / Meaningful Use (Security) covered entities are practiced and demonstrated throughout our engagements. Because we value and respect the principles of integrity so highly, unlike other firms, we do not compromise on integrity and we do not insult yours. 

Our 'no nonsense, no excuse, no rookies allowed' approach and commitment assures your satisfaction with our solution and increases your confidence with making your decision in choosing Ingram And Associates.

We provide experienced and professional expertise in the following areas:

  • ​​Regulatory Affairs/Compliance
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Medical Device Risk Assessments
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Change Management Consulting
  • QMS and INFOSEC Audits
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Independent Verification and Validation

​A Simple But Guaranteed Value Proposition

Meet Your Dynamic Duo: Competence Plus Common Sense In One Place!  Our Simple But Guaranteed Value Proposition.​​



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